Custom Powder Coatings & Painting Services in Raleigh, NC

From commercial to individual projects, Call Elite Custom Coatings for beautiful custom coating services that lasts. We have state of the art equipment and highly trained technicians that ensure a perfect, durable application every time.

Custom powder coating wrought iron rails and fences

Industrial Paint

Industrial equipment has its special coating requirements. Elite Custom Coatings has one of the largest industrial powder ovens in the state. This ensures we can take on anything regardless of size.

We custom coat:

  • Awning Frames
  • Automotive & Industrial Chassis
  • Construction Equipment
  • Motorcycle Frames
  • Much More

CARC Paint

Have a project that requires military-grade paint? Let us help professionally coat your equipment with CARC paint.

Wet Coat

With three paint booths, Elite can easily do traditional wet coat painting for any project.

Powder Coat

Powder coating is a highly durable coating method that produces a thick, color-fast application with a perfectly even finish.


Sandblasting is the preferred method of evening out the surface of metal before painting. We can fully prepare your equipment for painting.

Hydro Printing

Give your 3-D surfaces an amazing design with hydro printing. Also called submersion printing, we dip an object into an ink design that is floating on water. The design wraps around the object as you dip it. The process leaves a completely perfect pattern on the object.

Whether you need a patterned design on 3D objects or sturdy powder-coating, we would love to hear about it. Call us at (919) 662-8777 to start your plans today.

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